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To Indian AF as VP919 Sep 25, (MSN 13861/25306) to usaaf Jul 10, 1944. On becoming airborne again it struck the top strand of a wire fence then alighted on the main wheels in a rock-strewn paddock, collided with a tractor, overturned and was destroyed by fire. 38871 delivered Hunter Oct 3, 1944, to Grenier Oct 10, 1944. As DC-3TP registered as N467KS to Priority Air Charter Llc, Kidron, Ohio on March 28, 2011 but was destroyed in a fatal crash shortly after take-off at Kidron on January 21, 2019. SOC Apr 25, to RAF as Hadrian II FR654. Macr (457th BG, 749th BS) shot down by fighters Nov 2, 1944 on mission to Merseberg. 33598 (MSN 6203) to civil registry as NC51, N51 with CAA. Crashed Indo-China 20Jan53 48995 (MSN 26256/14811) delivered to usaaf 9Oct44; delivered to Royal AF in India 17Oct44 as Dakota IV, serial KJ964; Nassau, Bahamas; Air Command, South East Asia (acsea) 12Nov44; Mediterranean and Middle East 9May46;.216 Squadron 27May48; Aden Communications. Sold in 1985 and registered to Stellair as F-gesb. Macr (14th FG) lost Aug 19, 1944. Diverted to rcaf as 1414, no RAF service 35863 (MSN 6616) to C-18S NC44558, N to RAF as Expeditor II HB264. 5192 (MSN 183) Delivered to usaaf August 26, 1943; Olmsted, Middletown Air Depot, Pennsylvania September 11, 1943; Dover, Delaware December 21, 1943; 1st AF January 2, 1944; 312th HQ Squadron, Dover; damaged when ground looped landing at Dover March 22, 1944. Arax Air Line leased Nov 5, 1972 to Jan 1973. 38382 (34th BG, 391st BS, "Queenie returned to USA Jun 20, 1945. Initially registered as T-71.

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OH-LCC crashed at Koivulahti, Finland Jan 3, 1961. King, Minneapolis, Minnesota; registered N61854; Muskoka Air Trails Ltd., Huntsville, Ontario; registered CF-FOX June 23, 1947; Hollinger-Ungava Air Transport Ltd., Montreal, Quebec February 24, 1950; Lemoyne Exploration Ltd., Toronto, Ontario February 24, 1955; Assembly Mines Ltd., Toronto, Ontario 1959; registration. Paul then Max Springweiler, leased to CAT as XT-809, then International Air Transport as VR-HEX, then Max Springweiler, leased to CAT as B-809. While taxying at Welford 14Feb45 To Chile AF as 970 and w/o Jul 3, 1975. Field Aircraft Svces 04Jul49 Sivewright Airways Ltd, "Lancastria" R25Jul49. SOC Feb 28, Northwestern XCG-13A Waco Aircraft Company model NLB 42-seat troop glider built under contract by Northwestern Aeronautical Corporation of Minneapolis,. Pilot bailed out and taken prisoner. Returning from Aldermaston (Station 467) 20Sep44, the pilot mistook items at the end of the runway for the threshold markers at the start of the runway. 25246 (74th FS, 23rd FG) crashed from unknown cause near Tien Ho airfield at Canton, China Dec 27, 1944. SOC Jul 12, to RAF as Baltimore V FW380. To RAF in India as Dakota IV KJ943 via RAF Nassau Oct 16, 1944.

field, Basal Jun 26, 1945. Civilianised as ZS-DKP with Africair Ltd Jan 18, 1955, Wenela registered Jan 18, 1955, then reregistered VP-YSP Oct 12, 1960, then A2-ZEP Wenela Air Serice Sep 1968, then ZS-IPX with Contractor Air Service Apr 1972, then A2-AAA with Bamwangato ConcessionsLtd Oct 1973. Crew bailed out safely but aircraft crashed into cottages at Prickwillow, killing two civilians. 28 Sqdn saaf 1946. 15884 (MSN 20350) w/o Jul 28, 1944 at Ft Wayne Baer Field, Indiana 15885 (MSN 20351) w/o Jul 16, 1945 Mengsa, China due to engine failure. 37886 Delivered Cheyenne Jun 9, 1944; Kearney Jun 18, 1944; Force laded Cheyenne Fd, Jun 21, 1944; Grenier Aug 22, 1944. The four-engined, propeller-driven aircraft was designed by Kelly Johnson and was developed from the Lockheed L-049 Constellation airliner. 35512 to RAF as Expeditor I HB152. 25162 converted to F-6C-10-NT at modification center. 22586 to civil registry as N3489G, planned sale in 1960 to Indonesia as M-261 not delivered. Stored unconverted at Creil; scrapped c1970. WFU and stored 43-47305/47314 Curtiss C-46A-60-CS Commando MSN 376/385. Believed All (6) Crew Bailed Out and Returned.

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Archived from the original on Retrieved Ribbeck,. To KLu as FS728, reserialed B-104. To RFC at Kingman Nov 24, 1945. 15614 (MSN 20080) Delivered to usaaf 17Apr44. 312th Transport Squadron PZ, 27th Air Transport Group. Most of the passengers killed were soldiers enroute to being discharged. To civil registry as N69044, in 1991 to Keith Cross for restoration.

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All (9) Crew Bailed Out and (6) Were Captured and Became POWs. Transferred Jul 30, 1959 to Transportes Aereos Salvador, reregistered to PP-SLK Nov 1960. Missing during flight in icing conditions between Roma and Brindisi Jan 23, (MSN 6668) to RAF as Expeditor II HB272. 86 Wing raaf 31Oct47. BG1/62 "fraxq" Feb 1955.